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A strong track record

Lending statistics

Since we started lending in 2008 we’ve helped borrowers from all over the UK get fast and reliable capital.

Last updated: 3 Jan 2017

Total lent:
Total value of properties funded;
Total number of properties funded:
Lending by region

Based on the full, live loan book for our online investment platform.

London 60.6%
South East 18.1%
East of England 8.8%
South West 5.0%
West Midlands 2.5%
Scotland 2.5%
East Midlands 1.3%
North West 0.6%
Wales 0.6%

Our Online Investment Platform opened to the public in 2013.

We had the pleasure of welcoming 4,982 new investors to our online investment platform in 2016.

Whilst the loans which you invest in are secured against property, your capital is at risk.
Last updated: 3 Jan 2017

Average return to investors
Based on a 12 month historical rolling average. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.
Average loan size
Average lent per property funded
Average loan-to-value (LTV)

Industry standard statistics

LendInvest is a proud member of the P2PFA, an organisation that helps ensure high standards across the whole P2P industry. All members of the P2PFA must display the following information:

Actual arrears
as a percentage of outstanding balances

  Actual arrears rate Actual lifetime bad debt rate (capital losses) Estimated bad debt rate (capital losses)
2013 0.02% 0.00% 0.00%
2014 0.36% 0.00% 0.08%
2015 0.22% 0.00% 0.09%

The total of loan repayments more than 45 days late (but not defaulted) as a % of the outstanding amounts from loans made in the calendar year.

Returns performance

Actual annual return to date of loans in origination year (%, after fees and bad debts) Estimated annual return at origination (%, after fees and bad debts) Realised (Principal repaid excluding bad debts)
2013 12.73% 12.73% 100.00%
2014 7.54% 7.54% 100.00%
2015 7.22% 7.22% 78.31%
Some of these definitions may appear confusing. The definitions are set by the P2PFA for all lenders who are members, including LendInvest. We’d be happy to explain them to you if you need a hand, so if you have further queries, please contact us.

Download our online platform loan book

Every month, we publish our online platform loan book for the benefit of LendInvest customers. To access our loan book, you need to be an active LendInvest customer. As an active LendInvest customer, you can access our monthly loan book updates from the Statements page in your account on our platform.

We’re also happy to otherwise make the loan book available to registered investors upon request.

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