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Bridging Finance

Short-term financing to bridge the gap.

Key features

Looking for a fast line of credit before re-financing? Look no further.

Bridging Finance with LendInvest offers you certainty of funding now, before you secure longer-term refinancing or go on to sell the property.

The detail

  • Loans from £75k to £7.5m
  • LTV up to 75%
  • Terms up to 12 months
  • No exit fees

The benefits

  • Lending on securities in England, Scotland and Wales
  • Non-regulated loans


Our criteria

Tier 1

  • Residential property
  • Property must be habitable. Light refurbishment allowed.
  • 1st charge
  • Freehold, leasehold with 80+ years left on lease.
  • UK residents and companies only.

Tier 2 & Commercial

  • Residential, HMOs, non-standard construction properties. Semi-commercial, commercial, land.
  • Light refurbishment, heavy refurbishment and minor developments
  • 1st charge
  • Freehold, leasehold with 60+ years left on lease
  • Non-UK tax residents and non-UK companies.

Your guide to Bridging Finance

Discover more about a Bridging Finance loan with LendInvest, including our rates, fees and criteria.
John East, borrower
“LendInvest stick by what they say… they are very flexible and open minded when it comes to types of property deals”
We’re experts in completing your loan, fast. 

We know speed matters to you. Well, it matters to us too.

Our lending processes are specifically designed with the needs of our borrowers coming first – delivering bridging loans as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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