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The UK’s leading online property finance marketplace.

We provide finance to property professionals, and provide a platform for individuals and institutions to invest in property backed loans.

LendInvest was founded with one mission; to make mortgages better. Whether it’s making it easier to get a loan, providing crucial funding to underserved borrowers, or opening up property finance as an investable asset class, we combine a passion for property and an instinct for innovation to make it happen.

Since 2008, our investors – from individuals through to multinational institutions – have invested almost £1 billion in loans to borrowers who have bought, built or renovated over 2,700 properties worth in excess of £1.4 billion in 120 UK towns and cities.

Our story

From launching a mortgage lending business against the backdrop of the credit crunch, to securing a £17 million equity investment from a VC firm led by the founder of Skype, our team has come a long way since 2008.

We’re passionate about property

We are specialists in property and underwriting
We know UK property and the needs of our market inside out, giving our customers confidence that the loans we underwrite and the borrowers we back are of the highest quality every time.
We create opportunities to invest in property
We’ve not only provided property loans since 2008, we’ve also created smart property investment opportunities. We are investing heavily in technology, to create new entry-points to a lucrative asset class for private investors.
We support and work with property professionals
We lend to property professionals and work exclusively with the best independent valuation and legal teams. We also provide intensive training to aspiring developers through the LendInvest Property Development Academy, established in collaboration with the University of Reading.
A solid track record

Our investors together have invested almost £1 billion in property loans. This investment has helped borrowers to buy, build or renovate 2,758 properties in 120 UK towns and cities.

A transparent approach

Every year we voluntarily publish an Annual Report with a full set of financial accounts. This way, everyone can take a look under the bonnet of the well-capitalised, well-backed business we’re building.

A serious, ambitious team.

More than 100 experienced professionals work at LendInvest across the UK; each crucial and committed to our mission to make property lending and investing better.